Live Entertainment for Fundraisers and Galas Near Chicago, 60618
What entertainment options do I have for my fundraiser?
You’re a Chicago, 60618 non-profit throwing a gala for a fundraiser. Or a business who wants to raise money for a cause you believe in, and are ready to call upon your fellow business owners for fundraising auction packages for your gala. Great! You need to realize that you are also one of many galas in Chicagoland, and to be a top fundraising event in Chicago, 60618 you need to need to create a unique gala that everyone’s talking about, one that your guests remember until next year. How can you do that?

One word: live entertainment. We have entertainment options that make your gala a night to remember. We have musicians, hypnotists, celebrities, emcees, greeters, aerialists and characters that take your fundraiser theme to the next level, making your night unforgettable and your guests more apt to give money for your cause.
What entertainers fit my fundraiser theme?
Hosting a holiday casino night? We have the showgirls that can greet your guests at the door and set the tone for the evening. Giving your guests a night on the red carpet Hollywood style? We have celebrities like Marilyn Monroe that can circulate to spread word about your fundraising auction or emcee for the evening. Want to create a magical evening? We have magicians and hypnotists that keep your guests entertained for the whole gala. Want to set a beach or tropical theme that make your guests feel like they are on a cruise or at their timeshare? We have musicians that fit your theme and can serenade your guests as they check out your fundraising auction, or entertain your guests between your speakers. Creating a Chicago lounge from the 20s and 30s? We have flappers, piano players and characters for your gala.

If you have a theme we haven’t mentioned, or need help with fundraiser planning, contact us. We can assist with your fundraiser planning and help you select entertainers appropriate for your greeters, emcees, entertainment for guests as they circulate through your silent fundraising auction or an entertainer sure to raise more money for your cause through a live fundraising auction.
How affordable are entertainers for our non-profit fundraising gala?
We understand that fundraising budgets are tight, and that you’re looking to keep your expenses down. Contact us, and we’ll discuss your needs and the options that fit your fundraising budget.

With more than 30 years of entertainment industry experience and a full lineup of entertainers, our team of experienced professionals can assist with your gala planning and bring your fundraiser to life. We give you the customer service and personal attention your fundraiser deserves. Whether you need musicians, hypnotists, magicians, celebrities, greeters or emcees, you only need to make one call to find entertainers that make your gala memorable, and raise funds your non-profit needs.
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